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Powerful. Innovative. Reliable.

Supported Intelligence, LLC provides powerful, innovative, and reliable software and analytical services to help people make better decisions. We are dedicated to harnessing recent advances in technology and analytical methods to improve decision making across multiple departments and industries. Our patented Rapid Recursive® method is a true breakthrough in decision analytics and is at the core of many of our product and service offerings.

Our Story

Supported Intelligence, LLC was formed in 2012 by Patrick Anderson and Anderson Economic Group, LLC to develop and sell the Rapid Recursive® Toolbox. The idea for the company grew from Patrick’s work with clients and his experience authoring The Economics of Business Valuation: Towards a Value Functional Approach (EBV). In 2004, Patrick’s team conducted a survey of existing software that provided tools to solve the types of decisions faced by some Anderson Economic Group clients and described in EBV. They came up empty. This led to a nearly seven year period of trial-and-error experimentation resulting in the first prototype of the Rapid Recursive® Toolbox.


With a working prototype and initial experience applying the methods on real projects, Patrick and Anderson Economic Group formed Supported Intelligence to commercialize this breakthrough product. The newly formed Supported Intelligence promised a commercial version of the toolbox by the end of 2012. Version 1.0 of the Rapid Recursive® Toolbox was released on December 26th, 2012.


Since then, Supported Intelligence has made continual improvements to the product, with new versions released in 2013 (versions 1.1 and 1.2) and 2014 (version 1.3). Version 1.5 of the Rapid Recursive® Toolbox is scheduled for release in September of 2015.


During the second half of 2014, we added problem-specific solutions to our product offerings. These add-ons to the Rapid Recursive® Toolbox substantially extend the capabilities of our general product to tackle specific, common problems in certain industries. Our problem-specific solutions provide the same revolutionary analytical power as the general toolbox, but do so in a way that makes it easier for the user to move quickly from relevant data to actionable results. Please see our Solutions page for a complete picture of our problem-specific offerings. We also offer a comprehensive set of data analytics services along with the toolbox to support better decision making.

Legal and Intellectual Property

Supported Intelligence makes continuing efforts to protect its intellectual property. To date, these efforts have resulted in two US utility patent applications (US 13/486,691 and US 14/458,209); copyrights on publications, and on the source code for multiple versions of the Rapid Recursive® Toolbox, and trademarks, including US registered trademarks on both “Supported Intelligence” and “Rapid Recursive.” Click here to learn more.