Neal Anderson Talks SmartPitcher on M2 TechCast

Neal Anderson Talks SmartPitcher on M2 TechCast



November 4, 2015

Supported Intelligence’s Lead Developer, Neal Anderson, recently joined the hosts of the M2 TechCast to discuss SmartPitcher, a pitch recommendation model created for the 2015 World Series.

“Our model is designed to maximize out probability and minimize on-base probability over the course of the entire at-bat,” says Anderson.

SmartPitcher provides data-driven pitch advice for the 2015 World Series. SmartPitcher uses data on over one million pitches from the last three MLB seasons to determine the likelihood of a called ball, a strike, the batter reaching a base, or the batter being called out. SmartPitcher feeds those likelihoods into a recursive model, which determines the best pitch choice to maximize the chance of an out during that at-bat.

You may listen to the full episode of the podcast here.

You may also read a breakdown of SmartPitcher’s analysis of the pitch that led to Alcides Escobar’s inside-the-park home run to begin Game 1 here.

SmartPitcher is on Twitter: @SmartPitcher.

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