SmartBracket Finishes Among Top 6% of March Madness Brackets

SmartBracket Finishes Among Top 6% of March Madness Brackets


East Lansing, MI—Supported Intelligence first debuted its SmartBracket™ application during the 2015 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. The idea of the application was simple: to devise an algorithm to get you the best odds to win your pool. The implementation, however, was anything but. In order to achieve its goal, SmartBracket must consider more than 9 quintillion possible brackets, which it does in less than a second with the help of the company’s Rapid Recursive® Toolbox.

2015 Performance

During the 2015 tournament, Supported Intelligence created a bracket using this new tool, which was customized to beat national preferences. That bracket placed in the 99th percentile nationally after the round of 64, and above the 75th percentile in every round before the final four. Additionally, brackets designed to beat President Obama and Dick Vitale in head-to-head competitions were successful. A third bracket, designed to beat Nate Silver’s 538 bracket, narrowly lost.

2016 Performance

This year, Supported Intelligence offered a web application (at that gave users the ability to customize a bracket for their specific pool(s). The application was listed as the the number one method to pick a winning NCAA bracket in a 2016 article from Forbes:

If your goal is to win your pool – and why wouldn’t it be – then SmartBracket is the tool for you.

“By design, SmartBracket doesn’t go for a perfect bracket. What it does is hedge the user’s bet to produce a series of incremental advantages over others in their pool,” said Neal Anderson, Lead Developer at Supported Intelligence, SmartBracket’s parent. “We have merged our proprietary, decision-making software with the spirit of game theory to take advantage of the gap between a team TISI +%’s true and perceived strength. This gives users a mathematical edge, right from opening tip-off.”

In it’s first year open to the public, SmartBracket helped more than 550 users increase their odds of winning.

Also this year, a custom bracket created by Supported Intelligence using SmartBracket against national preference data provided by Yahoo! finished the tournament ahead of 94.6% of brackets submitted to Yahoo! and did better than 94.7% of the brackets in ESPN’s Tournament Challenge.

“We are absolutely thrilled with SmartBracket’s performance this year,” said Jeff Johnson, VP & COO of Supported Intelligence. “Getting this revolutionary product online and open to the public was a huge step for our company, and we couldn’t be happier with the number of users that signed up. On top of that, to finish at the top of the bracket heaps makes this year a true slam dunk for SmartBracket.”

SmartBracket is a web application designed to help users fill out brackets during the NCAA men’s basketball tournament (