SmartBracket on WLNS

SmartBracket on WLNS


March 20, 2015

SmartBracket™ is an application of recursive models designed to increase your chances of winning a tournament pool by maximizing your score relative to your opponents.

SmartBracket uses both tournament predictions and your opponents’ picks to craft a bracket designed to score points when your opponents don’t, and break even when they do. That means choosing the upsets and picking the favorites that give you an advantage over your competition. SmartBracket focuses on winning your pool, not picking the “perfect” bracket, and this involves taking risks. SmartBracket often chooses teams that are underrated and neglected by your opponents. They may not be as likely to win, but if they do win, they promise a big payoff.

SmartBracket was successful in three key contests in the 2015 Tournament. SmartBracket ranked above the 75th percentile nationally and was the front runner in both small pools it entered for the majority of the tournament, and won 2 out of 3 head-to-head contests with celebrity brackets.

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