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Revised July 15, 2019

Supported Intelligence, LLC seeks a highly motivated candidate to join our product development team as a Product Developer. This is a temporary assignment (expected to last two to four months) that may be converted to a regular position.

The successful candidate will assist with the following tasks immediately upon starting:

  • Development of SI’s SmartBracket Application (see,
  • Development of SI’s strategic valuation, inventory management, and other other applications; and
  •  Development of Data Analysis related to SI’s Sectoral Business Decision Model

We expect the majority of work for this position to be initially undertaken at or through our headquarters in East Lansing, Michigan, at least through the calendar year 2019, and may be undertaken at another development center in the future.

Note that we offer a productive working environment in which a motivated and capable person could thrive, and welcome applicants from diverse backgrounds.

To apply, send a written inquiry as noted below.




If you wish to contact us about potential employment, please do so only after reviewing information on our website, including an overview of our firm, our main product, and sample applications. If interested, please contact us, and be sure to note your particular interest and expertise, as well as which aspects of the firm or specific applications caught your attention.

Please note that we do not consider applicants who contact our firm with mass-sent emails or who send resumes without a clear, written explanation of the applicant’s interest in this specific firm.

Supported Intelligence is an equal opportunity employer, and welcomes qualified applicants from diverse backgrounds. Supported Intelligence is headquartered in East Lansing, Michigan.