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Our Custom Solutions

Supported Intelligence provides problem-specific solutions to key management decisions, using the patented RR technology. These include:



Promoting your business and products is difficult, but necessary to succeed. Our innovative data analytics and first-in-the-world recursive modeling services are designed to help you learn from your customer data. The goal is to position you to create a more informed and powerful marketing and promotional strategy that makes the most of your resources.


Develop smarter targeted inventory strategies through the use of our inventory management solutions. Discover customer patterns, market demand, and recurring trends that impact your sales and inventory requirements. Our solutions provide a stable and flexible platform that enables you to develop proactive strategies for various situations and adjust quickly when needed. With our innovative and robust solutions, you can reduce costs, decrease spoilage, and increase sales.


Be fully prepared when making investment and financial decisions, no matter what the situation is. Our solutions enable you to model many possible scenarios, real options, and risks to develop proactive strategies, especially when faced with uncertainty. Our solutions make the best use of your knowledge and data to maximize the returns on your financial decisions.


Supported Intelligence developed the Sectoral Business Decision Model to model the energy usage decision of both consumers and businesses, in a world with changing prices, fluctuating demand, and regulations limiting emissions. Utilities and regulatory agencies can make use of this technology for their forward-looking regulatory, investment, and capacity planning.

All of our custom solutions incorporate the native advantages of the RR technology, including ability to consider numerous scenarios, asymmetric risks, and the effects of decisions over time; and have the additional advantage of being much more explainable and understandable than opaque machine-learning AI methods.


The custom solutions we create for our industrial clients can, in many cases, be adapted and licensed to software and service providers operating across the globe. The consumer-oriented SmartBracket.io™ application is a leading example; the RR technology used in that application has now been offered to users in over 90 countries through web and mobile platforms.
If you have a customer-facing application and wish to increase the power, transparency, and usability with the RR technology, contact us to discuss licensing our patented technology.